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From marijuana to synthetic cannabinoids

The Medical Cannabis book was written by highly respected international specialists. The book answers the most frequently asked questions about cannabis and its medicinal use and covers many subjects. Some of the key topics are the diseases that can be helped or even cured by marijuana, where legal cannabis is available, and how to grow medical cannabis. What is the evidence base for the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids? What is the difference between cannabis preparations and medicinal products and why is this important? How is this issue regulated in the EU? These and other questions are explored in this report which responds to growing interest in this topic as more European countries develop policies and practices in this area.

G-tools and medical cannabis

We have received many requests over the years from people who wanted to grow medicinal cannabis in a grow box. For themselves, or for a sick family member or friend. Most of the people who contacted us had very bad experiences with regular medication. These had little effect or even they only started to feel even worse. Many of these people have been shown to benefit from the use of cannabis. This is why we offer the following to every demonstrable medicinal cannabis user (doctor’s prescription/statement) 10% discount on our entire range of grow boxes and for the Medical Cannabis book. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact [email protected] to request your discount coupon.


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