Spudnik 125


Size (h x w x d): 183 x 445 x 461 mm.
: suitable for 400Watt and 600Watt lamps
Material: glass coated aluminium, Vega Green
Reflection: 95%
Flange: 125mm

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Spudnik air cooled reflector for 400W and 600W lamps

The Spudnik is an air-cooled reflector with optimised design of inner reflectors to increase the PAR  levels. The PVD-coated aluminium ensures up to 95% reflection after patterning process. This is the same aluminium as used for the Azer Wing.
The double walled housing with tunnel cooling effect guarantees optimum cooling. The safety glass with polished edges and 93% transmission reduces losses through the glass. White side panels, made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant, glass-reinforced nylon with connecting flange and pre-wired junction box, make the Spudnik unique in the world and set a new standard. The quality E40 ceramic lampholder Made in Italy holds a valid CE certificate.

Installing the Spudnik is very simple. The air cooled reflector has 125 mm flanges on both sides for connecting air duct.
On one side you can connect the extractor fan and on the other side the carbon filter. The air will be drawn through the filter and then through the Spudnik. The hot air produced by the lamp is now directly drawn from the reflector and blown out of the grow room. A rubber seal between the glass panel and the reflector ensures that there’s no unfiltered air blown out.
The Spudnik is suitable for 1 x 400W or 1 x 600W lamp.


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Gewicht3,7 kg
Größe46 × 45 × 18 cm