Grow boxes

Nothing is more fun and rewarding than growing your own herbs and vegetables at home!
Naturally, safety comes first. G-tools grow boxes are made of the best components and comply with NEN 3140 & NEN 1010 safety requirements.
Apart from safety, you also expect a great yield. Ever since 2004, G-Tools has been designing and producing grow boxes where these two elements are the key words: safety & efficiency!



urban farming

Urban Farming

Growing plants in an enclosed space is a discipline that we have mastered through a lot of trial and error. 17 years of designing, manufacturing and testing grow cabinets has resulted in an enormous wealth of knowledge. With this knowledge and experience, we can now quickly realize a design for an indoor city garden in which vegetables and herbs can be grown all year round. This can be in a school, restaurant, nursing home or a container in a parking lot!


How to

We would like to share the knowledge we have gained with you. We have therefore made a collection of grow reports of different plants under different lights and on different media. Hopefully these will answer all your questions about growing indoors!
In addition, you will find manuals and instructional videos of our products on this page.

Where to buy?

All G-tools grow cabinets can be admired in our showroom. You can pick up and pay for your cabinet directly here, but of course you can also order it in the webshop and have it delivered at home.
In addition to our own webshop, we have an extensive network of dealers. National and international. Here you can go for information and order your cabinet.
Maybe you want to become a reseller of G-tools grow boxes yourself. Through our affiliate program we offer everyone the opportunity to generate online sales with his or her own grow box and to earn a nice side income from it.