Safe and efficient!

Nothing is more fun and rewarding than growing your own herbs and vegetables at home!
Naturally, safety comes first. G-tools grow boxes are made of the best components and comply with NEN 3140 & NEN 1010 safety requirements.
Apart from safety, you also expect a great yield. Ever since 2004, G-Tools has been designing and producing grow boxes where these two elements are the key words: safety & efficiency!

Smell free & silent.

Healthy plants because of an intelligent air intake system and extraction of warm air.
All our grow boxes are equiped with a smart air inlet system. The G-tools air intake system creates a continuous flow of fresh and CO2 rich air past your plants. The system lets the air into the cabinet without letting any light shining out.
The grow light will heat up the air inside the grow box. This warm air is filtered by a carbon filter first before it is extracted. Therefore no unwanted smells from your plants and nutrition will leave the cabinet.


G-Tools grow boxes are available with a diverse range of lighting options. HPS and CMH grow lights are some of them. For the sustainable and energy efficient grower we offer a range of LED growlights. Our own design LED, the G-bars series, is especially developed for use inside our grow boxes . It perfectly lights out the cabinet’s grow surface. Results achieved with these lights are astonishing.

Easy installation

Easy and quick installation with G-tools insert connectors and profiles.
You don’t have to be a technician to set up a G-Tools grow box. Online animations and manuals are available for all cabinets. Most of them are installed within an hour, without the need for any tools.

Automatic irrigation

An automatic irrigation system makes life a lot easier. It allows you to stay away from home for longer periods of time without having to worry about your plants. On top of that, it will increase your yields. For all our grow boxes we have designed custom irrigation systems. No matter if you want to grow your plants in soil, coco or without any substrate at all we the hydroponic solution for your desire.

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