G-Tools wholesale kit

You own a webshop and would like to offer our products online. Below you will find a list of links to original G-tools products with descriptions and photos. If you need a different format, please contact us.
Of course you can keep stock of these products, but we can also drop ship them for you.
In the enclosed whole sale price list you will find the shipping costs per country that we will charge for the individual products.


Bonanza clima growboxes
Height extension set for Bonanza growboxes
-Kitchenfarm Grow Racks
-Nursery Growboxes
G-bars LED growlight
3 in 1 irrigation systems
WIFI Smartbox
Fan, filter, silencer combokit for Bonanza 0.35 box and small grow tents
G-tools silencer for 125mm extractor fans
G-tools air inlets for grow boxes
Aluminium grow tables for eb & flow trays (Danish trays)


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Whole sale prices and shipping costs

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