Container farming

Growing inside a container

15 years of designing and manufacturing grow cabinets has given us an enormous wealth of knowledge about growing plants in enclosed spaces.  We would like to make this knowledge a public benefit.
The last few years we have been experimenting with growing herbs, leafy greans and micro greens inside converted sea containers.
The list of successfully cultivated crops is getting longer and longer and includes: pak choi, basil, coriander, mint, various types of lettuce, mustard, chard, fennel, chinese cabbage, sage, watercress, kale and sorrel, but also edible flowers such as oxalis. With a small adjustment to the system, the container, or part of it, can also be used for the cultivation of sprouts and microgreens. Due to their overwhelming taste and aesthetic value, these have been on the rise in recent years. Microgreens are in demand at many restaurants while the range is limited. This makes them easy to trade.

Many benefits

The advantages of growing in a container are many; production directly at the sales market, so no transport and storage costs, no use of pesticides, cheap to purchase and quick and easy to transport. A sea container offers the ideal location for a plug & play indoor garden. They can be set up efficiently with a multi-layer cultivation system. As a result, a relatively large cultivation surface can be realized on a limited number of square meters.

kweken in een container
kweken in een container

Perfect climate

The container is insulated and equipped with a cooling / heating system so that it can be placed anywhere and yet a perfect growing climate is maintained. To limit running costs and the impact on the environment, the containers are equipped with a recirculating water system and energy-efficient LED grow lights


Perhaps the biggest advantage of this container farm is that it is very easy to maintain and use. The system is very “straight forward” and does not include complex operating software or other equipment that can only be operated by professionals. The lighting, hydro system and air conditioning are controlled via a simple free downloadable app. Once the container is running, the amount of work is limited to a few hours per week. The lion’s share of this will consist of harvesting the vegetables and herbs. The low threshold of the cultivation containers actually enables everyone to become an urban farmer. We are of course available in the background to help and advise with installation and user maintenance.

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