Container project Weesp

For several years now, our workshop in Weesp has had a 10-foot sea container that we have converted into a mini urban farm. Over time we have grown a wide variety of leafy vegetables, herbs, sprouts and edible flowers here. Too many to mention! The use and continuous improvement of the container has yielded a lot of knowledge and experience. In addition, we have hardly spent any money at the greengrocer during all that time.

urban farming

A container is ideal for use as an urban farm. They can be fully installated in our workshop and supplied plug & play. Depending on the customer’s wishes, a container can be designed for growing different crops.
Containers are made for transportation. This makes them particularly suitable for use in places where there is a temporary need for fresh vegetables.

To keep the temperature constant, the container is equipped with a split unit and insulated with PIR panels. The split unit can both cool and heat. This allows you to always set the perfect temperature for healthy growth. Theoretically, this means that the container can be placed at any location where there is a water and electricity connection.

Racks of 4 floors have been placed along the walls of the container. 16 grow trays with lids are placed inside. A layer of water with nutrition is pumped around in the grow trays of 70 x 140 cm. The plants themselves are placed in net cups that are placed in holes in the lids. The roots grow directly in the recirculating water/nutrient solution.

hydroponicsThe floor surface of ​​this container is only 7 m2. With a cultivation system of 4 floors, no less than 16 m2 of grow surface has been realized. The water tanks, the split unit and a path for working are all built inside the container of (l x w x h): 2.99 x 2.44 x 2.59 meters.
In addition to water and nutrition, plants need light. This comes from 48 x 42 Watt LED grow lights that are mounted against the bottom of each shelve of the grow racks.
The LED lamps used here are suitable for growing leafy vegetables and herbs.