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The best promotion is word of mouth. If you have a website or other online channels with which you can reach large groups of people, we offer you the opportunity to become an “affiliate partner” of G-tools.
With the registration form below you can register as an affiliate. When you have been accepted by us as an affiliate, you can create a special link. You place this link in, for example, a grow report that you post online. The link not only refers to our webshop, but also places a cookie on the computer of the person who clicks on the link. When a purchase is made in our webshop from this computer, the affiliate receives an agreed percentage of the purchase amount.
As an affiliate you can log in to the affiliate dashboard at any time and check how many sales have been registered and how much money you have earned. This amount will be automatically paid out to you.
Not only do we offer private customers the opportunity to become an affiliate, but also stores can participate in our affiliate partner program in the form of a banner on their website.
For more information you can contact us.

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