Win a €150,- voucher with your video clip!

Video clip? €150,-? How does this work?

Your experience and tips with our grow cabinets can be a wealth of knowledge for other G-tools grow cabinet users. That’s why we would like to reward everybody with a €150,- webshop discount for making a video showing how you grow with our intention of placing it on G-tools youtube channel.
It can be a simple video made and edited on your phone. No need for fancy cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. You can make a video of whatever you are growing. Tomatoes, peppers, medical cannabis, etc, etc. When using a voice-over or subtitles please try to do it in English. We have a very international clientele. If you are unable to do it in English at least try to make the images in the video speak for themself. Below you will find other aspects that we require.

-The plants must be grown in a G-tools grow cabinet. Model, age, with or without irrigation system  doesn’t matter.
-The video must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 minutes.
-The video depicts the whole cycle. From seed or clone till harvest.
-When you send us your video you are giving us the right to post it on our youtube channel for an unlimited period of time.
-By sending us your video you state that you are the rightful owner of the the used video material.

What can you expect from us?

-€150,- webshop discount that you will receive as a voucher if we use your video on our Youtube channel.
-100% anonymity. We will not use names, locations, or any other privacy-sensitive information from the maker of the video.

You can send us your video directly, or for larger files via we-transfer to [email protected]

Good luck and have fun!