Growing medical cannabis in Bonanza Bench model

Growing medical cannabis

Karin uses CBD oil for all kinds of medical reasons. The oil avalable on the market doesn’t help her very much and there fore she will be growing medical cannabis to make her own CBD oil. Now she decided to make the oil herself. In exchange for the report and the photographs, Karin was given a G-tools grow box and Spliff Seeds provided free seeds. The grow box is the Bonanza bench model with a 100 Watt Hanspanel led grow lamp. The seeds are feminised Spliff Cheese Autoflowers. She wants to grow only 2 plants in 12 liter textile pots filled with Guano Kalong soil.
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Growing medical cannabisThe Bonanza bench model grow box with 100W. led grow light.


The Spliff seeds I received by mail


Three years ago, I did my first and only outdoor cultivation; this was a beautiful and very educational experience. At the time I did it to make oil for a family member. He was suffers from Scoliosis which causes a lot of back pain and pain in the legs. Regular drugs such as tramadol and morphine gave all kinds of unpleasant side effects.

I myself have a hernia and now I want to make the oil for myself. Next to the use of a “tens unit” (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, electronic pain relief) and occasionally physiotherapy, the oil gives me a lot of relief.

The grow box

Entirely as agreed, an employee of G-tools has delivered the box here and set it up for me. The box with its dimensions of l x b x h; 61 x 61 x 119cm is not much bigger than a refrigerator. The box was set up within half an hour. The box is completely plug & play and is connected to one simple cord with a power plug.

An air extractor mounted on a charcoal filter must ensure the odorless discharge of the hot air. There will also be little warm air to drain because the 100Watt “Hanspanel” LED grow light with which the box is equipped gives hardly any heat. The spectrum of the Hanspanel is adjustable in a growing and flowering position. In addition, you can adjust the intensity of the light stepless. Also very useful.

Hanspanel 100W. LED grow lamp with intensity and growth / flowering setting


As said, Spliff Seeds has given me the seeds for this breeding. I have decided in consultation with Spliff to choose their feminized Spliff Cheese auto flowers. After explaining that I will be growing medical cannabis and under which circumstances it will be grown, this species was recommended to me.

I’m not looking for hassle with the justice department so I only want to grow 2 plants. So I had 2 seeds germinated in moist coffee filters. After the seeds germinated, I planted them directly in plastic cups with “cutting soil” and placed them in a propagator under a TL.

After a day or 6 I found the plants big enough to replant and move to the G-tools Bonanza grow box. The Hanspanel I set on the growing position (“vegging”), which means that the plants get extra blue light. Light that they need in this phase of life. Because they still looked a bit fragile, I kept the light intensity low. Every day I increased the light intensity a little bit.

The plants are now 2 weeks in the box below 18 hours light a day. “Auto flowers” doesn’t determine growth and flowering by the number of hours of light per day that the plant receives. I do not have to reduce the number of hours light ON to 12 so that the plant is in bloom. This goes without saying ……… auto-flower. So I leave my Hanspanel ON for 18 hours a day. However, I now put the switch on the lamp on the bloom position so that the plants get more red light. The plants are now large and strong enough to handle the full intensity of the light. The lumen button on the lamp will therefore open completely from now on.



medicinale cannabis

Germinating in a moist coffee filter goes very well


The two Cheese Automatics in the propagator where they spent the first 6 days under fluorescent light


Growing medical cannabis

The plants on their first day in the Bonanza Table model grow box


After a week, my Cheese plants have been potted and even a lot bigger


Day 10.The Hanspanel is at half intensity on the growth position


18-12-2017, So far so good

I am very pleased with the progress of the growth of my two Spliff Cheese auto flowers. Both plants make a very healthy impression. The color is deep green and the leaves look like plastic. That’s how they shine. The climate and the lighting in the G-tools grow box seems to please the plants. I also like the mini box very well. In the beginning I was somewhat skeptical about the user-friendliness but the removable sliding doors give good access to the plants, the cabinet is silent and until now it is odor-free.

However, one plant seems to stretch a bit more than the other. The difference in length between the two is already considerable. What one plant has in length has the other in fullness. In the beginning I suffered from a trips attack. Trips are insects that suck the sap from the leaves of the plants. They can form a real plague that eventually kills the plants. The plants are now so healthy and strong that the trips no longer get a grip on the plants.As long as a plant is healthy and has a solid cell structure, the trips do not get a grip on the plants.

Growing medical cannabis

The two Cheese autoflowers on 18-12



Plant 1 on 18-12-2017. There is nothing to see from the spin attack. The leaves shine with health and seem to be made of plastic.


Growing medical cannabis

Plant 2 on 18-12-2017. The leaves shine with health and seem to be made of plastic.

2-1-2018, water and bread

For some time now I have the Hanspanel LED lamp on full power. The lamp is on the flowering position and the dimmer is completely open. The plants really grow like cabbage. On 18.12 the smallest of the two plants was 27 cm and the largest 37 cm high. Today again I have measured the plants, the smaller one was 58cm and the larger one already 64cm. The difference between the 2 plants is getting smaller. The last two weeks the little one was on an elevation so that both plants with their tops are about the same distance from the LED lamp.

I have not given the plants nutrition, root stimulator or other supplements so far. The guy from G-tools who delivered and built the cabinet here assured me that the Guanokalong soil contains enough nutrients to survive the first 6 weeks.

So far the plants have been given only water. The need for water is growing fast lately. Depending on how dry the earth feels in the pot, I dose the amount of water. At the moment I give each plant between 500 and 700ML per day. In order to achieve a nice return, I want to start by replenishing the plants. Even though there is still nothing visible of malnutrition, I’m going to start with a bloom in the coming weeks and in a week or two with a bloom stimulator. More about that in the next episode.

As can be seen clearly in the photos, the flowering has already started well. In the meantime, a nice top has already appeared on each branch, the size of a small finger. It’s a pity that I only have the photos to show … the smell of the buds is already delicious.

Cheese autoflower nr 1 on 2-1-2018




Cheese auto flower nr 2 on 2-1-2018


Growing medical cannabis

The beginning of a number of beautiful tops.



The entire space in the growbox is nicely filled.





18-1-2018, a pleasant surprise

The Spliff Cheese auto flowers are standing since halve November in my G-tools table model grow box. Almost 2 months now that I’m growing medical cannabis. Still I think that I can leave them for another week or two. The seeds are placed in a coffee filter on the 5th of November to germ. Quite a ride it has been. If I can harvest around the 5th of February the whole cycles would have took 3 months. But the yield is great then to. Unbelievable how big, fat and heavy the tops are feeling right now. Like I said I would let the plants stand for another 2 weeks so the weight will only increase even more. The Hans panel 100w led grow light has the perfect spectrum and intensity voor the surface of the grow box. G-tools and Hans panel seems to be the ‘’perfect match’’.
In my life I have only grown plants outside once, so I don’t have much experience with that. I thought growing with a LED lamp would be something special, only for people who know exactly what they are doing. But nothing seems less true. After transferring the plants I did nothing else then turning the LED lamp on the ‘’bloom setting’’ and placed the supporting sticks in front of the plant. Since a week the plants can’t carry their own weight anymore. I haven’t given food or stimulators in the water.


medicinale cannabis



The tops are becoming larger but can increase in their width.




The plants can stay for another week or two in the grow box under the lamp.

5-2-2018, harvest

The tops haven’t become much bigger in the past 2 weeks, but they have increased in width and have become heavier. The resin production in the trichomes has exploded. These glands produce the resin that has to protect the plant against parasites, cold and warmth. Over time this resin begins to discolour. When this looks like a milky white haze that covers the tops, the plants are ready to be harvested.

My plants are ready for the scissor. The tops seems to be rolled in powder sugar and are spreading a very nice sweet scent.The carbon filter in the Bonanza grow box ensures that even in this stadium you cant smell anything outside of the box, ideal.


5-2-2018. The tops are hanging with their full weight against the walls of the Bonanza grow box.


Like it’s rolled through the powder sugar.



Until the last day the Spliff Cheese Autoflowers have been standing under the hans panel.



medicinale cannabis


The harvesting of the plants was very quick. I have cut the plant at the bottom of the stem and cleaned the tops. A lot of the big leaves had already died during the cultivation cycles and I have also removed some leaves myself. There wasn’t much work to be done anymore.

The Bonanza grow box also functions as a drying room. The fan causes enough air circulation to make the tops equally mature. Even now I can’t smell anything in the room where the grow box is standing.


The tops are dry and ready for consumption. After cutting all tops from the plant and weighted everything I got 97 grams of weed.

I now have enough medicine, even after summer is already over. Not bad.

The grow box is ideal to let the plants dry.




One of the most beautiful tops after cutting.