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Growing inside a grow box is a discipline in itself. Unlike growing in a garden or greenhouse, you work completely isolated from daylight. For their food supply the plants also depend on the skills of the grower . Growing inside a grow box means imitating nature. Therefore a certain basic knowledge of photosynthesis, water management and nutrition seems indispensable to us.
With the help of a number of grow reports and professional literature, we hope to provide insight into how these processes work and so make your grow in one of our cabinets a success.
After all, knowledge is power!

Growing with the 3 in 1 system, tips & tricks

Living soil

Living soil

Growroom ventilation

Grow room ventilation

LED lighting indoor horticulture

medicinal cannabis in Bonanza bench model

medicinal cannabis

Strawberries with a eb & flow system

Growing basil with a drip irrigation system

Edamame beans in pots with soil