Dosing valves for 3 in 1 irrigation system


Suitable for use in 4 mm hose
Price per 8 pieces



Some plants often have a greater water requirement than others. Even if they are of the same species and age.
This can have many causes. The position of the plant in the cabinet relative to the air inlets and the lamp can have a major influence on this.
However, every plant must receive the right amount of water to achieve a good harvest. With too much water, all oxygen is pushed out of the soil and the roots suffocate. The risk of fungal diseases also increases if the medium is too wet.
The water supply can already be regulated with the tap on the pump, but with these dosing taps the water supply to each individual plant can be further adjusted.
These dosing valves are easy to install in the hoses of the 3 in 1 irrigation system when it is used as a drip system.
Simply cut the system’s 4mm supply hoses and insert the taps into the hose.

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