PVC/XPS sandwich panel


Thickness: 8mm
Lamination: 1mm PVC
Core: 6mm XPS
Price per m2

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PVC/XPS sandwich panel

This 8mm PVC/XPS sandwich panel can be cut to size for you.
It is the perfect size to use in combination with our aluminium profiles and plastic connectors.
These panels are designed for growbox construction. The PVC 1mm top coating can be kept clean very easy. The core of the panel consists 6mm thick XPS. The grey XPS prevents that light shines through the panels and makes a nice thermal insulation for the growbox. of and reflects the light of your growlight perfectly
If you would like to build your cabinet with these panels, profiles and connectors you must order them 28mm longer than the aluminium profiles. Therefore if you order 1000mm profile you need to order 1028mm panel. When you order fill in the total m2 you need. Round up the total m2. When ordering let us know the exact size you would like by filling in the notes form. The price is per m2.

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