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Contents: 4 x alu profile 9 cm with wheels

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G-wheels conversion kit

We often get the request for wheels for the Bonanza grow cabinets and although we do sell them in reality the installation is not so easy and requires the right tools.  After giving it some thought we have come up with the G-wheels conversion kit that makes this process super easy and fast and no tools are needed. Simple click-on wheels with the correct size aluminum profiles that fit perfectly on all our Bonanza grow cabinets. You will need to take into account that your cabinet will be slightly taller once the wheels have been installed. Normally the height of the standard Bonanza series cabinet is 176 cm and with the wheels, it will stand at 182 cm.

How the kit works

You will receive four aluminum profiles with connectors and wheels. Firstly you will need to remove all four standard aluminum profiles with adjustable feet from your grow cabinet. Then connect the aluminum profiles that you will find in your conversion kit, and lastly connect the wheels. Now you will be easily able to move your grow cabinet around if needed even when you have your plants inside.

Additional information

Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 cm