Grow rack for herbs, microgreens and leafy greens


dimensions (h x w x d): 205 x 120 x 52cm
layout: 3 floors 104 x 52 cm
grow trays: 6 x G-tools mini grow tray with lid
lighting: 6 x Sylvania ECO Start Batten LED 1200MM, 42W
controller: Smartbox
including: 62 liter water tank, circulation and supply pump

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These grow racks have been used for 1 year, with the lights being on for 18 hours per day. In total, the lamps have therefore burned for 365 x 18 = 6570 hours. The lamps still have 90% of their original light output after 90,000 burning hours. These can therefore certainly last for a few more years.

Multifunctional grow rack for herbs

This grow rack for herbs is made up of  6 x  3-in-1 irrigation systems . The rack itself is a sturdy construction of aluminum profiles and insert connectors.
The rack can be used in 2 different ways;

1. Ebb and flow

In this mode you grow your plants in pots with soil. The two top grow trays are periodically pumped full with a water/nutrient solution. Now the plants absorb the water through the bottom of the pots and the excess water flows back through the trays below to the water tank where it came from. The supplied irrigation mats ensure an even water distribution.

2. Hydroponics

The system can also be used without any grow medium at all. When the lids with the plant holes are placed on the trays and the overflow is inserted into the water outlet point, the system becomes a hydroponic system. The trays are filled with a 4 cm layer of water/nutrient solution, after which it runs back through the over flow into the trays below and finally back to the water tank. The plants grow in net cups with their roots hanging directly in the water/nutrient solution.


2 Sylvania Batten grow lights are mounted above each floor. These 42 Watt lamps produce enough light in the right spectrum for growing leafy greens, sprouts and microgreens.
In the ebb & flow mode, the rack is also very suitable for propagating seeds and cuttings.
To set the lights ON and OFF  and the watering moments, the grow rack for herbs is equipped with a WIFI Smartbox. This allows you to control the system from anywhere in the world via a free app.

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