Sanlight LED Set 1x EVO 3-60 Sale


200 Watts, 110-240/277V, 50/60Hz
Beam angle: 90°
PPF: 545 µmol/s
Efficiency: >3 µmol/J
Color temperature: 3200 Kelvin
Suitable for: growth and flowering
Cooling: passively cooled
INCL: power cord
INCL: Dimmer
INCL: GHP Light Hanger
Warranty: 3 years

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Sanlight EVO 3-60 1.5

For years, Sanlight, an Austrian company, has been a household name in German-speaking Europe. With its own state-of-the-art lighting and electronics laboratory, and a rich background in horticulture, Sanlight has developed a range of remarkably performing LED grow lights.

We thought it was high time to introduce our customers to Sanlight. That is why we have added some of their models to our catalogue, specially selected to fit perfectly in our grow boxes.

The lens in this lamp provides a 90-degree light distribution that perfectly reaches the growing surface. The excellent light distribution at a low height makes it possible to hang the lamp close to the crop, making the Sanlight EVO 3-60 ideal for use in confined spaces such as growing cabinets.

The full spectrum of EVO 3-60 is the ideal source for efficient photosynthesis and also supports a healthy hormonal balance in the plants. In short: healthier plants and a higher yield.

This Sanlight grow light will last a lifetime. The panel with the LED chips can easily be replaced after a few years of use, when the light output decreases, with a new, fully up-to-date board that meets the latest technological standards.

The latest generation of Sanlight lamps is equipped with LED chips that are even more efficient than the previous generation, with an efficiency of no less than 3µmol/J.

Sanlight magnetic dimmer

The Sanlight magnetic dimmer is compatible with all lamps in the EVO series. The latest generation of Sanlight EVO series grow lights is equipped with a connection to which this dimmer can be directly connected. With the supplied key, the power of the lamps can be adjusted to 40, 60, 80 or 100% of the total power. The current set power is indicated by a green LED light on the back of the Sanlight dimmer.

When three green LED lights are on, the lamp is set to 100% of its power. With two lights this is 80%, with one light 60%, and if no green LED lights up, the dimmer is set to 40%.

As an extra function, the dimmer has a ‘sunrise simulation’ feature. This means that when the lamp is switched on by the timer, it gradually builds up to the set power (40, 60, 80 or 100%) over 5 minutes. An orange LED on the dimmer indicates when this function is activated.

The Sanlight dimmer gives you the opportunity to regulate the amount of light. Young and small plants have less need for light; Often excessive light can even cause stress in this phase. As your plants grow, you can increase the light intensity. This is not only beneficial for your plants, but also saves energy.

In addition, the dimmer gives you control over the size of your plants. If your plants remain too small, you can temporarily reduce the light intensity so that they stretch. If they are in danger of getting too big, you can provide more light to control their growth.

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