Grow cabinet G-Kit 800 Wing (1,5 m2)



Size (h x w x d): 191 x 174 x 88 cm
Surface: space for 24 x 6,5 ltr pots, 21 x 11 ltr pots .
Ventilation: PK 125 EC-TC 680M3 per hour, including silencer.
Filter: Prima Klima K1604-460m3
Timer: Wifi Smartbox
Bonus: including wheels
Waranty: 1 full year on technical installation

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G-kit 800 Wing large grow cabinet

The Wing series form part of our larger grow box range. Not only do they have a larger surface area, but they also are slightly taller than our standard grow boxes. The G-kit 800 Wing large grow cabinet has a growing surface of 1,5m2. The cabinet is made with the same plate materialaluminum profiles and plastic insert connectors as the Bonanza cabinets but also has a few “luxury options” that the standard Bonanza cabinets do not have.
All Wing cabinets have wheels instead of adjustable feet and are standard-equipped with a very quiet ventilation system and one of the best carbon filters in the world. For the hanging of the grow lights 3 extra strong G-tools flat profiles with hooks are installed in the ceiling of the cabinet. The profiles are mounted at ¼, ½, and at ¾ of the width of the cabinet. This gives you the perfect distribution to work with 1, 2, or 3 lamps in the cabinet.


The removal of warm air from the cabinet is done by a PK 125 EC-TC extractor. This super powerful extractor has an adjustable minimum and maximum speed linked to a thermostat. This allows you to set the desired temperature to create the perfect growing climate.  To keep the cabinet at the right temperature the ventilator, with its capacity of 680m3/hour, never has to run at full power. Many dimmers produce an annoying hum. The dimmer of the PK 125 EC-TC does not and this makes the grow cabinet dead quiet. The only perceptible sound is that of the outgoing airflow. This is reduced to an almost inaudible level thanks to the 300mm long silencer.
At full power the PK 125 EC-TC is capable of cooling lighting systems of up to 1200 watts. HPS, CMH as well as LED lighting.
In the rear plates of the middle part of the cabinet there are 8 x G-tools air inlets mounted. These let the air in but no light out. As soon as the extractor is running, underpressure is created inside the cabinet. This allows fresh, CO2-rich air to enter the cabinet through the inlets without letting light out. The PK 125 EC-TC extractor draws in the air through the K1604 carbon filter. This highly durable filter filters the air of all unwanted odors before it is blown out of the cabinet. The carbon filter is mounted on the extractor with a handy cuff, making it easy and quick to change.

Wi-Fi Smart Box

Wifi Smartbox is mounted on the ceiling of the cabinet. This distribution box has four sockets for the electrical equipment in the grow box. Two of these contacts have continuous voltage, one of which is used for the air extractor.
The other two contacts can be programmed via a free downloadable app and can be used to control the lighting and an irrigation system. When the app is installed on your smartphone, you can set the times at which the lamp and pump switch on and off from anywhere in the world
If there’s no WiFi signal where the cabinet will be placed, you can manually switch on these two contacts permanently and use an analog time clock.


The Wing cabinets are delivered in “climate version”. This means complete with an aeration system and switch unit but without lighting. Of course, we would like to include the grow lights but we feel everyone should be free to work with the light of his or her choice.
If you can’t decide which type of lamp is best for your specific situation then we would be happy to advise you. If you choose a lighting system from our webshop then we will install it for free and offer you a 10% discount on the webshop price.

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Weight65 kg
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