Multi layer grow box for sprouts and micro greens fridge model


Size (h x w x d): 197 X 57 X 57cm
Lighting: 2 x LED strip, 4000K, 12V, 36W
Ventilation: Winflex 185m3 / uur, 230V. 50Hz, 0,1A
Grow tray (h x w x d): 5 PVC trays 42 x 42 x 4cm
Water tank: 25 liter
Irrigation pump: Aquaking HX 4500
Cirkulation pump: Aquaking HX 2500
Inc.: 100 x grow container, 50 x meter grow mat 234 x 496mm
Timer lighting: Legrand Omnirex
Timer irrigation: TBT digitale tijdklok

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Multi layer grow box for sprouts and micro greens fridge model

A glass door fridge was used to make this grow cabinet. The cabinet is designed to grow sprouts and micro greens. The glass doors give an ample view on the colourful mini plants. The build in LED bars further enhance the effect.
This grow cabinet works according to the same principle as the Sprouter grow box. There are 5 floors of 42 x 42 cm on which you can grow your sprouts. Each floor offers space for 9 grow containers of 12 x 13 cm. Inside the containers you place a supplied wood fibre grow mat, sprinkle it with seeds and place it back inside the cabinet. The rest goes by itself.
At the bottom of the cabinet, where the cooling system used to be, there’s a 25 liter water tank installed. Inside the tank is a feed pump which floods the 5 floors when it’s switched on by a timer. When it switches of again the water will run back in to the tank.
This way the grow mats are kept moist and your seeds are prevented from drying out.
The grow mats can also be placed directly, without the container, inside the cabinet. This way you can grow larger quantities of one and the same strain.


Just like the Sprouter this model runs 100% automaticly. Behind the display (with G-tools logo) above the glass door the timers for controlling the lights and pump are installed.
Ater they have been set everything goes by itself. De LED’s are automaticly switched ON and OFF and at set times the feed pump pumps water to the plants. The only work remaining is keeping the water tank filled. It needs just plain tap water without any additives.
To prevent heat build-up by the LED’s and ensure a continous supply of fresh air the cabinet is fitted with a Winflex mini fan. Because some sprouts can produce quite a smell the Winflex is connected to a carbon filter. This filters all smells from the air before it’s blown out of the cabinet.



Not only can you grow all kinds of sprouts and micro greens inside this cabinet but it also functions very well as a “nursery”. Most garden centers only sell young plants in the spring. For our show room and testing facilities we need a constant supply of young plants. The cabinet is a very effective plant producer. Just plant the seeds inside plugs and place them in the cabinet.

Low maintenance and easy to operate

As said before the water tank can be filled with plain water. No nutrients need to be added to the water. In this early stage of their lifes prouts and microgreens feed themselves with nutrients inside the seeds.
The water tank and the trays are connected to the irrigation system with quick couplings. They can be taken from the cabinet and cleaned very easily.



The cabinet is not only a grow cabinet for sprouts and microgreens but also a true eye catcher in a restaurant, cafe or juice bar. The display above the door is a perfect spot for your name or logo. Right above the plants, in the LED light!

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Weight55 kg
Dimensions57 × 57 × 197 cm