Secret Jardin DryIT45


Contents: 1 x Drying net 46,5 cm modular

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Secret Jardin DryIT45

Compatible dry net ideal for our Bonanza 0,35m2 grow box. The Secret Jardin DryIT45 is designed for safe and easy crop drying. It is expandable up to three layers for optimal use of space in your grow box. Thanks to the breathable mesh material, mold is a thing of the past. After spending months on your plants and doing everything you can to make sure they get everything they need regarding nutrients, light, and ventilation you want to make sure that the harvesting process goes smoothly. Properly the safest place to conduct the drying process is inside your growing cabinet that already has a fan and filter that will ensure airflow and get rid of the unwanted odours that can occur.

How to use a drying net

Manicuring plants is fundamental to obtaining perfectly dried and cured end product. Of course, this process requires patience.  You need to remove leaves, branches, and other leftover bits from all the plants. By doing so, your plants will be clean and free from those unwanted big leaves. After this, your harvest will be finally ready to get dry. The drying process will take about 2 weeks. This all depends on the humidity levels and current temperatures.

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