Secret Jardin WebTH 60


Contents: 1 x Scrog net 60 x 60 cm

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Secret Jardin WebTH 60

Secret Jardin WebTH 60 offers a complete range of web support to hold your plant. The Secret Jardin WebTH 60 can be easily connected in your Bonanza 0,352 grow cabinet using simple self-adhesive hooks that are commonly used to hang up tea towels in the kitchen. When using our 3-in-1 irrigation system you will give up some growing height that you can either compensate for by purchasing an xl set or by using a scrog net. By using a net you will be able to control the height of your plants

Advantages of using the scrog method

A scrog canopy receives even light exposure. Untrained plants feature one main cola that rises above the rest of the plant, meaning the light must remain above this point. In contrast, the lighting can hang directly above every flower in a scrog setup. The horizontal sea green receives adequate airflow above and below the canopy. The addition of a fan will further enhance this benefit, reducing the risk of fungal pathogens. Larger yield from a single scrogged plant in a small space than with numerous smaller, untrained plants. Maximize your output with this method. You can even train several plants and merge them into a single Scrog.

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