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Richly illustrated, this bible of organic gardening will increase your harvests above and beyond what you thought was possible.

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Plants fed with chemicals and protected by pesticides is an unattractive idea for many. Organic growing is therefore often preferred. In addition, taste, smell and appearance of the organically grown end-product is often unsurpassed.
Organic growing is really nothing more than falling back on a system that nature has evolved over millions of years. A system that is based on rich soil life and in which biodiversity plays a leading role. A delicate cooperation of enzymes, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms that converts organic material into nutrition for the plant. A system of mutual dependence that is able to sustain itself forever without outside intervention.
This is how nature works and plants have evolved themselves to get their nutrients.
As a grower, you have a much more passive role in organic cultivation than in non-organic methods. After all, the food supply for the plant stems from a healthy soil life, in contrast to the active application of nutrition to the plant by the grower himself.
But how does this work, how do you create such a soil and how do you maintain it? Is this also possible when you grow the plants in pots under artificial light? And how?
“The organic grow book” answers all these questions. From scientific explanations about the biochemical processes that take place in the soil to simple tips about applicability. This book describes it all. For both the outdoor and indoor organic farmer.

About the authors: Karel Schelfhout is a grower with more than 30 years of experience. Karel played an important role in the dissemination of many new cultivation techniques and later switched to organic cultivation under the influence of knowledge and experience gained.
Michiel Panhuysen is a journalist and under his name articles about “organic urban farming” have been published in various languages.

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