Multi layer grow cabinet for leafy greens herbs and microgreens


dimensions (h x w x d): 218 x 174 x 78 cm
set up: 4 floors 160 x 60 cm 3 of which with drip tray

lighting: 6 x Sylvania ECO Start Batten LED 1500MM, 48W
1 x Sylvania ECO Start Batten LED 1200MM, 42W
ventilator: G-tools 2 speed 220-360m3 per hour inc. silencer 
filter: PrimaKlima K2601, 360m3/hour
timer: Wifi Smartbox
propagator: 2 x 64/50T heated propagator with thermostat
water tank: 62 liter with lid
inc.: supply- and air pump




Multi-layer grow cabinet for vegetables, herbs and microgreens

This grow cabinet for vegetables, herbs and microgreens is a real production unit. The cabinet can yield up to 15 kilos of leafy vegetables, salads, herbs and microgreens every week. The 3 floors of the cabinet provide a net cultivation area of ​​3m2. Above each floor are two energy-efficient LED bars installed. These LED’s produce enough light in the right spectrum for the cultivation of leafy greens, green herbs and “microgreens”.


Microgreens are germinated vegetable seeds. They have just passed the germination phase and already have a few leaves in the typical color of the vegetable in question. Microgreens are often a true flavor explosion. They are widely used as garnish in soups, salads and sandwiches. We sell special cellulose grow mats and grow containers for the cultivation of sprouts and microgreens. After the mats have been placed in the containers they can be sprinkled with a layer of seeds and slightly moistened. After this, you only have to place the trays with the seeds in one of the drip trays and the rest will go by itself.

Leafy greens, salads and herbs

The LEDs provide sufficient light to grow leafy vegetables from seed to harvest in a short time. This includes watercress, mustard, basil, Swiss chard, coriander, mint, kale, pak choi, frisee, etc., etc. The cabinet works fully automatically. On the ground floor there is a large water tank and two heated propagators. In these propagators the seeds are germinated which can be further cultivated on the top 3 floors. This can be done in pots with soil or any other medium. Manual watering is therefore not necessary. In the water tank at the bottom of the cabinet there is a pump that pumps a layer of water in the grow trays at set times. The plants will absorb the water through the holes in the bottom of the pots.
When the pump shuts down, the water runs back to the vessel for reuse.
So in addition to “energy efficient”, the cabinet is also very economical with water use as well. Switching on and off the lights is also fully automatic. The desired number of hours of light on per 24-hour period can be set on the built-in switch box. To provide the plants with fresh air, a powerful air extractor has been installed on the ceiling. This continuously removes the heated air from the cabinet, so that fresh, CO2-rich air is sucked in through the inlets. Before the air is blown out, it is first drawn through a carbon filter to remove unwanted odors.

Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions174 × 78 × 218 cm