dimensions: 218 x 174 x 78 cm
set up: 4 floors 160 x 60 cm
lighting: 8 x Sylvania ECO Start Batten LED1500MM, 48W
fan: G-tools 2 speed 220-360m3 per hour inc. silencer
filter: Prima Klima K2601, 360m3
timer: Wifi Smartbox
warranty: one year full on technical installation




Nursery grow box with led lighting

The G-cloner is a plug & play nursery grow box. It has space for 2000 to 3600 cuttings to root on 4 shelves under led light.
In addition to rooting cuttings, the cabinet is also very suitable for pre-growing young plants that can later be transfered to the garden or greenhouse.  The cloner nursery can even be used to grow “leafy greens” from seed to harvest. The Sylvania ECO Batten LED lamps produce enough light in the right spectrum to grow smaller plants such as salads and herbs.
The G-cloner is build up of three sections. A bottom- and middle part, each with two floors and sliding doors and the top part where the extractor, filter, timer and switch box are installed. 2 Sylvania ECO Batten 48 Watt LED bars are mounted  underneath each floor. The IP65 protection class against dust and moisture ensures that you can work with high humidity levels in the cabinet without any problems. The shelves themselves are made of aluminum tube profiles of 25 x 25mm. Special irrigation trays can be ordered with the cabinet. As with all G-tools grow cabinets, fresh air is drawn in via 8 G-tools air inlets. These are located at the bottom of the back wall, creating a nice, even air flow through the cabinet from bottom to top.
The entire cabinet can be set up and taken down within half an hour.

Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions174 × 78 × 218 cm