Azerwing CMH 315W set


Reflector: Azerwing V-Pro medium vega reflector (95% reflection) with PGZ18 fitting
Ballast: Lucilu 315Watt digital dimmable ballast
Lamp: Sunkraft MCH lamp 315W, 3100Kelvin



CMH 315W special offer

With this CMH 315W special offer we want to make it possible for everyone to meet this new grow light.
Slowly the succes stories of the Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) starts to get through to the European grow world.
In lumen output the CMH lamps are twice as efficient as the average High Pressure Sodium lamp. In PAR output (photosynthetically active radiation) they are 15 to 20% more efficient.
Growing with these energy saving lights has a lot of advantages. Less power consumption also means less heat.
The combination of a good parabolic reflector and the little heat emission makes it possible to hang the lamp as close as 25 cm above the plants.
This produces an enormous light output comparable to a high quality 600Watt HPS bulb at 40 cm height. 40 cm is the minimum distance the 600 Watt HPS bulb needs without burning the plants.
Also the quality of the spectrum and the lifespan exceeds that of the average HPS lamp. The spectrum of the CMH lamp corresponds more to natural sunlight than any other grow lamp.
In order to make sure you choose the right lamp, reflector and ballast we’ve put together a complete set.

-Azerwing V-Pro medium vega reflector (95% reflection) with special PGZ18 fitting
-Lucilu 315Watt digital dimmable e-ballast
-Sunkraft MCH lamp 315W, 3100Kelvin

Buying a complete set saves you as much as €28,-


Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 20 cm