Azerwing large


Size: 98 x 70 cm.
: suitable for 2 x 400Watt, 2 x  600Watt or 1 x 1000Watt lamps
Surface: 88% larger grow surface, lights surfaces up to 3.89m2
Less energy: 44% less power consumption, 44% less heat
Material: glass coated aluminium, Vega Green
Reflection: 97%

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Azerwing large

The Azerwing is not just a copy of the Adjust A Wings but in many cases an improved version.
Not only is the lamp holder in height adjustable but it can also be tilted to further fine tune light fall on your plants.

The large edition of the Azerwing is especially designed for use with 1 x 1000 Watt, 2 x 400 Watt or 2 x 600 Watt lamps.
Two lamp holders are provided with the Azerwing large.

The reflector is made up of two sheets with ultra fine hammer profile to enlarge the reflective surface.
The two sheets of 50 x 30 cm are connected by a triangle shaped reflector. This triangle shaped reflector above the bulb spreads the light evenly over the rest of the reflector surface.The light is now spread out even over a large grow area. The triangle also prevents hot spots to arise. So no need to use a heat spreader anymore.

Just like the Adjust A Wings the Azerwing consists of two reflector sheets. The rail on which the sheets are attached gives the whole a firm and 100% symmatrical construction. Besides this the rail works like cooling fins and make good attachment for mounting the Azerwing inyour cabinet or grow room..

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Weight1,6 kg
Dimensions70 × 50 × 10 cm