Sunkraft 600W Sale


Watt: 600
Voltage: 230
Luminous flux: 90.000 Lm
colour temp.: 2000 K.
Socket: E40
Dimmable: Yes

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Sunkraft flowering hps light

Sunkraft cheap 600W hps growlight. The Sunkraft flowering hps lights have a very high light output compared to their energy consumption. Besides they are very cheap and durable. The lamps have a lot of red light in their spectrum which makes them very suitable for use during the flowering stage of your plants. But they can be used during the grow phase as well.

Ideal for use in Lucilu electronic ballasts. The Sunkraft 600W is the standard grow light for the Bonanza 600 grow cabinet.

For more general info about HID lighting, click here.

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