Lucilu dimmable e-ballast CMH 315W


  • 6 positions
  • Soft start technique
  • Silent operation
  • Lightweight
  • Less heat
  • RF shielded
  • Runs Ceramic Metal Halide lamps with PGZ18 lampholder
  • Low start up current
  • Cables and plug included
  • one year waranty
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Lucilu dimmable e-ballast CMH 315W

The luciliu dimmable CMH 315W ballast is made for use with the Sunkraft Ceramic Methalide lamp.
Like all Lucilu e-ballasts the CMH 315W is equiped with “soft start” technique. This ensures that the lamp is being switched on with low starting current. This is safer and extends it’s lifespan.
The Lucilu is fully equipped with a fine fuse to protect it against over-heating.
With it’s stepped switch you can run the lamp at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100% of it’s power. This allows you to give the plant the light it needs for every stage of it’s life. On warm days you can run the lamp at a lower level and so reduce it’s heat emission.

The CMH 315W is a too heavy light for use in a Bonanza 0.35 cabinet but does an excellent job in the Bonanza 1m2. One of the great advantages of this lamp is that you can hang it very close to the plants. Especially for a gas discharge lamp. “Transport loss” is always a big problem in light. The greater the distance between lamp and plant, the smaller the amount of light that reaches the plant.
If the lamp is close to the plant, you should use a reflector that reflects the light at a wide angle to get a good light distribution over the growing surface. The CMH 315  is therefore best used in combination with an Azerwing V-Pro reflector.
A CMH 315 ballast, Azerwing reflector and CMH lamp are permanently on offer as a set.

Below is the scheme with the light values ​​measured by us of the CMH 315 in the Bonanza 1m2 cabinet at a height of 30 cm.




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Weight2,8 kg
Dimensions26 × 22 × 10 cm