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This CMH combo kit Watt is a great alternative for those who would like to grow energy-efficiently, but find LED grow lights still too expensive. The CMH combo kit is a complete and ready-to-use lighting system. These sets are very suitable for use in the Bonanza 1m2 Klima grow box.
Because the accompanying Azerwing reflector can be hung very close to the crop, you get the most out of the lamp with relatively little power consumption.
If this set is purchased in combination with the Bonanza 1m2 Klima, we can install it in the cabinet free of charge if desired.

Ceramic metal halide lamps work by heating up a ceramic tube within the bulb. Ceramic can withstand much higher temperatures than other media typically used in lights. This higher temperature results in the bulb creating a plasma-like light source similar to the sun.

CMH lights provide the highest measures of “color rendering index (CRI)” as compared to other grow lights. Objects that are fully visible in natural, unobstructed light appear to the human eye with a CRI of 100.

Artificial lighting does not reproduce the same light spectrum as the sun, but CMH bulbs come very close, with CRI ratings ranging between a low of 80 to a high of 96. Unlike various other types of grow lights, CMH bulbs provide consistent quality and duration of light throughout their useful life. Many types of grow lights lose effectiveness over time that may not be evident to the human eye; CMH bulbs retain their wide spectrum.

Though they operate at higher temperatures, CMH bulbs emit less heat than other types of bulbs. This is important in smaller grow rooms, where a grow light may contribute to temperatures that are too high for efficient growth and yields.

It also means that the bulb itself can be closer to the plant, reducing the chance of burning the leaves which is a possibility with some other types of grow lights.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions60 × 30 × 20 cm

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