Azerwing V-Pro CMH


Size: 55 x 60 cm.
Lamps: suitable for CMH 315 Watt lamps,
Socket: PGZ18
Surface: 88% larger grow surface, lights surfaces up to 2.36m2
Less energy: 44% less power consumption, 44% less heat
Material: glass coated aluminium, Vega Green
Reflection: 95%

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CMH reflector Azer V Pro

The CMH315 reflector V-Pro made by Prima Klima is the same as the Azerwing but fitted with a PGZ18 socket.
This is the socket mostly used for CMH lamps.
The reflector is made of the highly reflective Vega aluminium and finished with a PVD glass coating. It has a reflective capacity of 95%!
This parabolic reflector spreads the light perfectly even over a grow surface of 1 to 1,2 m2.
The two alumium sheets the reflector is made of have a fine hammered profile. This profile enlarges the reflective surface of the V-Pro CMH.
The V-Pro comes with two bars. With the bars you can bend and set the position of the reflector. Now it gets its typical parabolic shape.
By bending the reflector more the light is emitted under a narrow angle. The enlighted surface will be small and the light will need more height above the plants in order not to burn them.
When you work in a grow room with not to much height, like a grow box, the CMH315 reflector is best used in the wide spread position.
In this position the light is being emitted under a very large angle and is spread over a big surface. Now the light can hang very close to the plants without burning them. In combination with the Sunkraft CMH 315 Watt light as close as 20cm above the canopy. Measured PAR output levels are surprising. On a 1 m2 grow surface values up to 600 Micromols are measured. Even at the far ends of the surface.