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This complete HPS 250 Watt kit is supplied plug & play. The set is ideal for lighting a grow surface of ​​0.25 to 0.5 m2. The included dual-spectrum grow lamp can be used for both growing and flowering plants.
This setup fits perfectly in the Bonanza 0.35 clima grow box. If you order the combo kit together with this grow box, we can install it for you for free. Please mention this with your webshop order.

HPS lamps are often the most efficient for lighting grow rooms and are known for their effective operation. High-Pressure Sodium lamps give off a lot of radiant heat and offer a good light spectrum. This makes the lamps ideal for creating and simulating a warm climate. This is ideal for plants that need a warm living environment. Compared to many other systems, HPS lamps are very affordable in the purchase price and offer excellent quality. For a safe application of the lamps, a good ventilation system must be available.

HPS Lamps are favored by indoor gardeners for general growing because of the wide color-temperature spectrum produced and the relatively efficient cost of running the lights.

High-pressure sodium lamps are quite efficient—about 100 lumens per watt when measured for photopic lighting conditions.

At the end of life, high-pressure sodium lamps exhibit a phenomenon known as cycling, which is caused by a loss of sodium in the arc. When the lamp attempts to start over and over again without success then you know it is time to change the bulb.


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