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The hps-combo-kit is a fantastic configuration for fans of HPS grow lights. With the Lucilu dimmable ballast, the right amount of light can be given for every phase of plant life. The Sunkraft lamp provides the right spectrum for both the growth and flowering phase of the plant, while the Azerwing reflector distributes the light evenly over the growing surface. These sets are very suitable for use in the Bonanza 1m2 Klima grow box.
If this set is purchased in combination with the Bonanza 1m2 Klima, we can install it in the cabinet free of charge if desired.

The HPS 600 Watt is one of the most powerful and efficient setups you can buy to grow at home. Although the technology behind it is archaic, there’s no denying the high-yielding, high-potency power of the might 600W HPS.
The optimum hanging height for a 600W HPS system is only 40cm. Even at this low height a lot of light will shine on the side walls and have to be reflected down onto the grow. The reflective materials will not reflect all of the light and there will be some light lost. How do you tell if grow light is too close? The first signs look like thin outlines on the outside of the leaves, so if you catch this quickly you will have a chance to avoid further damage. If some of the leaves start curling up, it might also be a sign that the plant is too close to the light. Good ventilation usually also helps with this issue.
A hps-combo-kit will increase your electricity cost — the exact amount depends on the size of the system and the number of hours operated. However, since most grow lights are so energy efficient, you are getting huge amounts of light (and growing power) for your money!

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