G-bars 170W. with dimmer


170 Watt, 110-270V, 2A max. 50/60Hz
Beam angle: 120°
PPF: 416 µmol/s
Light intensity: 940 μmol at 20cm
Efficiency: 2,6 µmol/J
Colour temperature: 3200 Kelvin
IP 65
Suitable for: growth and flowering
Cooling: passive
Inc.: dimmer
Warranty: 1 year



Led grow light 170 Watt inc. dimmer

With this led bar you will have the perfect led grow light for a small cabinet or grow tent. This light consists of 4 led bars.
The positioning of the bars on the frame makes the G-bars 170 watt perfect for a growing area of 60 x 60 cm.
Due to the LED bars being mounted on a frame they are relatively far apart from each other. This and the large angle under which the light is emitted allows for the led bars to hang very close to your plant canopy. In this way, you have no “transport loss” and you get the most out of your grow light.


The G-bars 170 Watt LED grow light is equipped with a dimmer with 4 positions. You can use this to set the lamp to 40,60,80 or 100% of the total power. This is a handy feature because plants need less light in the early stages of the growing cycle than at the end. As the plants grow, you give them more and more light by turning the dimmer up a notch. With the dimming function, you can therefore give your plants the right amount of light for every phase of their life. You not only create a more pleasant climate for the plants, but you also save on your electricity costs.
The dimming function also makes it possible to grow plants with different light needs. Flowering, fruit-bearing plants often need much more light than non-flowering plants such as leafy greens and herbs.
The full spectrum of the G-bars makes the lamp suitable for both growing and flowering plants.

Full spectrum LEDs

The bars are build up with Osram full spectrum LEDs and have a few red LEDs for stimulating te flowering of your plant.
In the last few years, it has been proven that plants thrive better with a more complete led light spectrum. Traditional led lights tend to focus more on red and blue light.
These colours are primarily responsible for the growth and flowering of plants. It turns out the plants also require other colours from the full spectrum that contribute to a better end product.
That’s why in the last few years more LEDs are produced with a fuller light spectrum imitating the broader light spectrum of the sun.
The Osram LEDs that are used in the G-bars have a Colour Rendering Index of 85,5. This index is used to compare light spectrums with the sun which is 100 with the highest score. CRI of 100 is therefore sunlight.
With the very high score of 85,5 CRI, plants grown under G-bars 100 Watt will have a very natural green look and not the dark purple tint that you see with traditional LEDs.
This makes it a lot easier to judge what is going on with your plants and spot potential problems.

For a Bonanza 0.35 grow box we recommend 1 x a G-bars 170 grow light and for the Bonanza 1m2 cabinet 2 pieces.
Below you will find the light output of the lamp in both cabinets.


Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions46 × 52 × 9 cm