G-bars 400W


Power: 400 Watt
Light intensity: 940 μmol/sec at 20cm
Efficiency: 2,2 µmol/J
Beam angle: 120°
Colour temperature: 3200 Kelvin
Suitable for: vegging and flowering
Cooling: passive
Inc.: stepless adjustable height hanger
Warranty: 1 year



Led grow light for 1 m2 grow surface

The G-bars 400 is the perfect led grow light for 1 m2 grow surface. It’s the G-bars 150‘s bigger brother. Same Osram leds, same aluminium extrusion profiles but in a 100 cm version. The G-bars 400 is build up with 5 led bars of 80 Watt each. Just like it’s little brother the bars are mounted on an aluminium frame work. This increases the capacity to absorb heat and extends the lifespan of the led diodes.
The set up of the bars on the frame makes the G-bars 400 perfect to enlight a grow surface of 1,20 x 0,80 meter. So ideal for use in the Bonanza 1m2, the G-kit 400 Wing or per set of two in the G-kit 1200 Wing.
The bars are mounted on the frame in our own workshop. This has a lot of advantages. With the seperate bars we can design the perfect grow light for any size grow surface.
If you choose to have the light in this set up but would like an extra bit of power we can just add 1 or 2 extra bars to the frame. You just pay for the extra bars. The calculations and installation are done by us for free.
The seperate led bars are plugged in to a manifold with simple connectors. When you start a new cycle and your young plants don’t need that much light you can simply disconnect 1 or more bars.

Getting the most out your light

Light output of the G-bars is unsurpassed. This is mainly because the led diodes are spread over an area almost as big as the grow surface itself. So no “hot spots” and very high light levels in the farthest corners of your cabinet.
The grid below shows the measured light values in µmol at a height of 20 cm. The large beam angle allows you to hang the light as close as 20 cm above the canopy without the risk of burning or bleaching out your plants. This way transportloss is minimised and you get the most out of your light.


Figure 1: Micromole values measured at different points in the cabinet at 20 cm height.

The spectrum of the G-bars

Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions100 × 540 × 10 cm