Sanlight magnetic dimmer EVO


Steps: 40, 60,80 and 100%
Suitable for:
all Sanlight EVO series
Max amount of lights: 1
Inc.: Sunrise simulation setting

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Sanlight magnetic dimmer

This Sanlight dimmer can be used with all the Sanlight EVO series grow lights.
All the different models of the EVO series Sanlight grow lights are equiped with a connection for this dimmer. With a supplied key the lights can be set at 40, 60, 80 or 100% of their total power. The currently set modus is indicated by green led lights. When all 3 green led indicator lights are on the lamp runs at 100% of it’s power. When there are 2 green leds on the light runs at 80%, with 1 led on at 60% and when there are no leds on at 40%.
As an extra feature the dimmer has a “sunrise simulation function”.  This means that when the timer switches on the light it will gradually increase it’s light out-put to the set level (40,60,80 or 100%) over a time period of 5 minutes. An orange led light on the dimmer indicates that the function is switched on.

So the Sanlight dimmer allows you to dose the amount of light. Plants, when they are still young don’t need that much light yet. To much light might be a stress factor at this early stage. When your plants grow bigger you can step-wise increase the amount of light they get. This not only is better for your plants but helps you to save energy as well.
Dosing the light also lets you control the plant’s growth itself. When they stay behind and remain small you can dimm the light so the the plants will stretch. When they get to tall you can increase the amount of light.

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