Sanlight EVO 3-80 1.5


200 Watts, 110-240/277V, 50/60Hz
Beam angle: 90°
PPF: 545 µmol/s
Efficiency: >3 µmol/J
Color Temperature: 3200 Kelvin
IP 65
Suitable for: growth and bloom
Cooling: passively cooled
Exc.: connection cable
Warranty: 3 years

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Sanlight EVO 3-80 1.5

Since years Sanlight is one of the market leaders in horticultural led lighting in German-speaking Europe. The company is known for its high-end led grow lights that, despite their price level, sell like hotcakes. Sanlight has its own in-house fully equipped lighting- and electronics laboratory. This in combination with the companies extensive horticultural background has led to an impressive series of led grow lights.
We therefore thought it was about time to introduce Sanlight to our customers. We’ve added some of their lights to our catalogue of which we think they fit perfectly inside our grow boxes.
A lens emits the light under a 90-degree angle and spreads the light perfectly over the growing surface. Even at a very limited height, the light spread remains very good. This means the light can be hung very close to the plants which make it perfect for use in spaces with limited height like a grow box.
Not only does the full spectrum of the EVO 3-80 support proper photosynthesis it also regulates a perfect hormone balance. In short: more yield cause of healthier plants.
The Sanlight EVO 3-80 is for life. When after years of use the light output goes down, the led modules can be easily exchanged for new, state of the art ones.

The next generation Sanlight EVO series has improved efficiency of the led chips up to >3µmol/J.
As an extra feature the EVO series have a connection for a plug in dimmer. With this very reasonably priced dimmer the light can be dimmed according to your plants needs. Very convenient during the start up fase of your plants. Besides dimming this device can be used to simulate sunrise. When the light switches on the output of the light will slowly be increased over a set period of time.

We recommend 2 x EVO  3-80 lamps for the Bonanza 1m2 cabinet. When these are hung in the outer suspension points in the ceiling, then this leads to the light values ​​below.

Which model EVO and which cables do I need for my grow surface?






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