Sanlight Flex II 10


9.5 Watts, 44-48V, 0.21A max.
Dimensions: 547 x 33 x 16mm
Beam angle: 113-133°
PPF: 25 µmol/s
Efficiency: 2.6 µmol/J
Color temperature: 4000 K
Suitable for: growth and propagation
Cooling: passive
Exclusive: connection cable
Warranty: 3 years

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The Sanlight Flex II 10 is a modular LED grow light with a relatively low power consumption. This allows the lamps to be hung very close to the crop. A distance of 15 cm is sufficient not to cause a burn. This makes the Sanlight Flex II 10 very suitable for use in multi-layer grow systems.
The balanced ratio between far red and red LEDs ensures accelerated root formation and growth. The ideal lamp for germinating seeds, growing microgreens and sprouts. The Sanlight Flex II 10 is also a very suitable lamp for pre-growth of plants for further cultivation in another room.

How many Flex II 10 do I need?

With its length of 547 mm, the Flex 10 fits perfectly in the Bonanza 0.35. Because the lights can be hung so close above the crop, up to 4 floors can be installed in this cabinet on which sprouts or other crops can be grown from seed.
But how many lamps do you need per floor? Below you will find our measurement results in µmol/m²s at a height of 15 cm.



For the germination of seeds and the cultivation of sprouts and microgreens, 2 Flex 10 lamps per floor are sufficient. We recommend 3 lamps per floor for growing herbs, leafy greens or pre-growing plants.

Easy to connect

Like most Sanlight lamps, these are not delivered plug & play.
The Sanlight Flex II 10 does not have a built-in driver. This must therefore be purchased separately. The drivers are available in 2 versions, a 150 Watt and a 240 Watt version. You choose the right driver depending on the amount of lamps you are going to use. The 150 Watt driver can control 150 : 10 = a maximum of 15 Flex 10 lamps and the 240 Watt driver 240 : 10 = a maximum of 24 lamps.
You also need so-called “splitters“. With 1 splitter you can connect a maximum of 3 lamps per floor. The 4th connection on the splitter is used to connect the cable that inter connects the different floors.
This must therefore also be purchased separately.
Any unused connections can be closed with a special end cap so that the IP68 class of the installation is maintained.
It may sound a bit complicated, but with the Sanlight Flex series you can put together the perfect lighting for your purposes. If you can’t figure it out, we are happy to advise you on which cables, drivers, etc. you need for your multi-layer grow project.

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