Sylvania ECO Start Batten LED1500MM, 48W


Producer: Sylvania
Power: 48 Watt
Luminous Flux: 4704 lm
Luminous efficiency: 98lm/Watt
Colour: 840, 4000 Kelvin
Beam Angle: 120 C
Voltage: 220/440V
Amperage: 0,5A
Moist-dust protection classe: IP65
Length: 1500mm



Ledbar for rooting clones and vegging plants

This is the perfect and affordable ledbar for a multilayer grow system. The lamp can be hung very close to the plants.  The Sylvania Batten led twin link produces hardly any heat and the light is emitted under a large angle.
With light-colour 840, 4000 Kelvin it’s the ideal Ledbar for rooting clones and vegging plants.
The polycarbonate cover creates nice diffuse light which is spread evenly over your grow surface. Besides this it protects the led chips against moist and dust.

Safe and simple installation

The Sylvania Batten has cable connections on both ends. The connections are cased in plastic covers and have waterproof cable through entries. These protection measures give the lamp an IP65 certificate.
The cable connections make the Sylvania Batten Twin Link very easy to install. In-line connection with multiple Twin Links is easy done.
With two supplied suspension brackets the lamps are mounted very easily as well.



Additional information

Weight2,5 kg
Dimensions127 × 6,5 × 6,5 cm

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