Adjustawings Avenger medium

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The best reflector available.

Unmatched productivity.

Product specifications

Size: 55 x 60 cm.
: suitable for 400Watt and 600Watt lamps
Surface: 88% larger grow surface, lights surfaces up to 2.36m2
Less energy: 44% less power consumption, 44% less heat
Material: glass coated aluminium, Miro 9
Reflection: 97%
Incl. heat spreader

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Adjustable reflector

The parabolic Adjust-a-Wings Avenger reflector promises unmatched productivity. To fine-tune the focus of your light and facilitate low hanging heights, the reflector has been designed with a flexible set of wings and a lampholder that lets you alter the distance of the lamp from the reflector.

Adjust the reflector depending on the stage of your plants life. When you get further in the cycle, widen the settings of the reflector. The light spreads wider which allows you to hang the reflector closer above the plants. The reflector is simply adjustable with two steel cables. The cables bends the reflector like a bow, which changes the angle of the light reflection. The lampholder is adjustable in height as well. This allows you to further fine-tune the lighting of your plants.


The Wing in maximum downwards focus. This setting is used at the beginning of the cycle. The enlightened surface is relatively small and the reflector should therefore hang high above the plants.


The Wing in wide setting. You use this position further in the cycle. When the plants need more intense light and are stronger. The enlightened surface is relatively large, which allows you to hang the reflector closer above the plants. The heatspreader is mounted underneath the lamp to prevent plants directly under the lamp from burning.

No waste of light

Adjustawings reflector lights up to 40% larger surfaces than competitor reflectors. The special  Vega aluminium alloy of which the Adjust A Wings are made, reflects 95% of the light. The reflector has a very fine hammered profile to enlarge its reflective surface.


A heatspreader prevents plants directly under the lamp from burning.The adjustawings reflector comes with a spreader. Mount the spreader simply  underneath the lamp towards the final stage of the flowering stage. thanks to the spreader the reflector may hang as close as 30cm above the plants. This way you’ll get the most out of your lamp. Suitable for use with 400 and 600 Watt lamps.

Maintenance free

The Adjustawings is a maintenance free reflector. It’s finished with a glass coating to prevent it from oxidizing. This way it keeps its reflective capacities.
The Adjustawings reflector is an absolute must for anyone demanding the highest yield out of the power consumption. The reflector doesn’t need cleaning and is 100% maintenance free!



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Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions55 × 60 cm