Grow table 1 x 1


Size (h x l x w): 40 x 94,5 x 94,5 cm
Load bearing capacity: 150 kg
Material: aluminium profiles 25 x 25 x 2 and G-tools insert connectors
Including: adjustable feet
Excluding: eb & flow tray

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G-Tools grow table 1 x 1 meter

G-tools aluminum grow tables are designed for use in combination with an ebb & flow tray 1 x 1 meter (Danish tray).
The grow tables are set up within 10 minutes, after which the ebb & flow tray can be placed on the table. The plants are now on a secure surface and at pleasant working height. The tables are high enough for a water tank to be placed underneath. Water supply and drainage connections can be easily connected to the ebb and flow tray. With different lead throughs and connections you can choose to use the table as an ebb and flow or as a drip irrigation system. Of course you can also choose to water your plants manually. In this way, the ebb and flow tray functions as drip water collection tray in which your plants will never have wet feet thanks to the drainage gutters. This results in an excellent water-oxygen balance and healthy root growth. The basis for healthy plants!
If you want to work with multiple tables, the water supply and drainage points can be easily interconnected.
Special wheels are available for these tables.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions94,5 × 94,5 × 40 cm