Bonanza 600 dimmable (1m2)


Surface: ~1 m2. Space for 15 x 6,5 ltr pots, 8 x 11 ltr pots or 4 x rock wool slab 1mtr
Ventilation: G-Tools 125 2-speed fan – 230/360M3 per hour, including silencer
Filter: Prima Klima K2601, 360m3
Ballast: Lucilu dimable e-ballast 600 Watt
Lamp: Sunkraft 600 Watt 2000 Kelvin
Reflector: Roadrunner
Timer: G-Tools timer box including relay and clock
Warranty: 1 year on all technical parts

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Bonanza growbox with dimmable ballast

Many people prefer to grow with a HPS light. They have the experience and by far the most grow info you find on line is about growing with HPS. Most feeding schedules are based on the assumption you work with HPS as well.
Fantastic yields can be achieved with HPS lights but the down side is the heat and the electricity costs.
Of course we want to serve the HPS customer as well. We’ve therefore integrated some smart tools into a plug & play grow box that will manage the heat as well the electricity costs.

Changing light needs

A young plant needs less light then a fully grown plant. The chance of not surviving the sudden transfer of a freshly rooted clone or seedling into an environment with 600 Watt HPS is quite big.
This is mainly because the young plant doesn’t have a large root system yet and depends on its leaves to take water from the air.
In order to keep control of the temperature inside your HPS growroom you need to extract a lot of air. This causes the air humidity to drop and results in the dehydration of the young plants.
When the plants grow bigger they will start to evaporate more water. This increases the air humidity which again has a cooling effect on the climate inside the growbox.

Air extraction

Like all the Bonanza 1 m2 grow cabinets this one has a GT 125 2-speed extractor fan. At speed level 1 it removes 220 m3 of air/hour from the growbox. This will be sufficient 99% of the time. If circumstances require more heat extraction (on a hot summer day) you can run it at level 2. It then removes 360 m3/hour.
Because of the silencer on the exit side of the fan it hardly produces any sound. A Prima Klima carbon filter is connected to the entry side the extractor So all the air is being filtered and odourless before it’s blown out of the grow box.
At constant use the filter will last for about 1 year and then can be replaced very easily.

Air supply

When the extractor fan is running a vacuum is created inside the cabinet. Now fresh air is drawn in.
Because air is like water it will follow the easiest way. This is through the 6 air inlets mounted in the back of the cabinet. The inlets let in the air but won’t let out the light.
The inlets are mounted at the bottom of the back side of the cabinet. The carbon filter, the suction point, is at the front side of the ceiling. So the fresh air flows diagonally through the cabinet, past the plants.
Because of the vacuum inside the cabinet the only way for air to leave the cabinet is through the extractor and carbon filter. So there’s no need to be afraid that unfiltered, smelly air leaks from the cabinet.

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