Growbox XL set Bonanza (0,35m2)


Height extension set for Bonanza 0,35m2
Adds 56cm to the cabinet
Locks included

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Height extension kit for G-kit Bonanza (0,35m2) edition.
Adds 56cm extra height to the cabinet. The total height of the cabinet will be 232cm.
This not only offers you the opportunity to grow taller plants but also to install a bigger extractor fan. There’s enough height inside the cabinet to hang the reflector underneath the extractor and carbon filter.
The standard extractor fan for the Bonanza 0,35m2 is the Winflex with mini filter and silencer set.
This set is so compact that there’s enough space for the reflector to hang next to it.
A bigger extractor allows you to use bigger lights. If you would like to run a 400 Watt HPS in the Bonanza 250 it can be done if you use this XL set.

The XL height extension set comes with a new back panel for your cabinet. Only the holes for the air intakes have been made here. The holes for the air outlet and the cable entry are made in the back panel of the XL set.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 61 × 61 × 56 cm