3 in 1 growsystem Bonanza 0,35m2


  • Multi purpose grow systeem for 4 to 5 plants
  • Size (l x w x h) 52 x 52 x 36cm.
  • Especially made for G-Tools Bonanza 0,35m2 grow cabinet.
  • Excl. nutrients
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Multi-functional irrigation system

You have always wanted to work with a multi-functional irrigation system but don’t really know which method works best for you!
With this system, you can grow your plants in pots with soil, coco, or without any medium at all. The system can be used in 3 ways:

– as a drip irrigation system by using the manifold with drippers and a digital timer for setting the desired number of drip moments.
– as an ebb & flow system where the grow tray is regularly flooded with a layer of water (high tide) and then emptied again (low tide).
– and as a last option the system can be used as a hydroponic system when the lid with the 5 planting holes is placed on the grow tray.

The 2 air stones are placed directly underneath the planting holes. This provides the roots with a lot of oxygen, resulting in a true explosion of biomass.

This automatic watering system is made especially for all Bonanza 0,35-m2 models.
In this system there is place for 4 to 5 plants.

The 3 in 1 system contains:
-1 x grow tray
-1 x lid with plant holes
-1 x water tank 16 liter
-1 x water pump
-1 x air pump and 2 x air stone
-1 x manifold with drippers
-5 x netcups
-1 x aluminium grow table
-connection material

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions62 × 62 × 30 cm