GroLab GroNode


Dimensions: 91mm x 91mm x 28.7mm
Casing: Stainless Steel
Physical buttons: Reset, NET Reset, FW Update
Power Supply: USB – 5VDC 1000mA
Connections: USB 2.1 type B
Ethernet LAN RJ45
RP-SMA female
Antenna Included
USB Cable Included
USB Cable Length: 2 meters
USB Power Adapter Included (Type A 230AC-5VDC)
Ethernet LAN Cable: 1.52 meters Included
Inter-Module Communication, Radio Frequency – 2.4GHz
Storage Memory: 2MB
GroLab software, manuals, and video tutorials in English and Spanish
Warranty: 2-years limited hardware warranty



GroLab GroNode, the brain of your growing space

The GroLab GroNode serves as the central brain of the GroLab controllers, wirelessly communicating with other GroLab modules via radio frequency. With the included Ethernet cable, the GroNode easily connects to your router. In addition to the GroNode, you will need a PowerBot. This is where you plug in the plugs of the electrical components of your grow box or growing space such as lighting, ventilation, heating, irrigation pump, humidifier, etc.

Using the included software, which you install on your computer, you can now monitor and adjust various parameters in your cultivation environment. This includes lighting times, day and night temperatures, humidity, and watering times. It enables you to create and maintain the ideal conditions for plant growth.

Modular system

GroLab systems are modularly expandable. In addition to the PowerBot, the GroNode can also control a SoilBot and TankBot. These expansions are equipped with various sensors that measure, among other things, the moisture and temperature of your substrate, the water level in your water tank, and monitor PH, EC, and temperature values of the water. Via email push notifications, the system can keep you informed of any problems or emergencies such as fire, break-in, or leakage.

Full control

With the GroLab software, you not only have control over the growth conditions of your plants, but you can also collect and analyze important data. All information collected by the GroNode is stored and can be accessed and analyzed at any time. This allows you to track the progress of your cultivation process and address any problems in a timely manner.
In short, with the GroLab GroNode, you have a powerful tool that gives you control over all aspects of your cultivation environment. Whether you are an experienced grower or just starting out, the GroLab system provides the tools you need for successful and healthy plant growth.


GroLab GroNode


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions9 × 9 × 3 cm