G-tools timer box


Suitable for: 2 x 400W or 2 x 600W lights
Contacts: 3 x continuous power, 2 x timed
Umax: 250 V/50 Hz.
VAmax: 3000W
Pmax: 13A
IP class: 20

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G-tools relay timer box

If you want to grow with a gas discharge lamp (HPS, CMH), a relay timer box is an absolute necessity.
Gas discharge lamps draw a lot of power immediately after being switched on. To protect the clock against peak voltages from starting up lights a relay is installed inside. The relay functions as a by pass for the clock and ensures the two contacts inside the clock don’t stick together and the lights won’t switch off anymore.
With the G-tools relay timer box you canĀ  automaticly switch on and off max. 2 x 600 Watt lights safely.
The clock on the timer box is a simple analog time clock with minimum switch-on and switch-off times of 15 minutes.
Besides the two contacts that are managed by the clock there are 3 more with continuous power. They are used for the extractor fan and possible irrigation systems.

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