G-tools timer box


Suitable for: 2 x 400W or 2 x 600W lights
Contacts: 3 x continuous power, 2 x timed
Umax: 250 V/50 Hz.
VAmax: 3000W
Pmax: 13A
IP class: 20

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G-tools Ampere timer box

This timer box is the standard switch box in all our grow cabinets bigger then 0,35m2.
To protect the clock against peak voltages from starting up HPS lights a relay is installed inside. The relay functions as a by pass for the clock and ensures the two contacts inside the clock
don’t stick together and the lights won’t switch off anymore.
With the G-tools switchbox you can  automaticly switch on and off max. 2 x 600 Watt lights safely.

Besides the two contacts that are managed by the clock there are 3 more with continuous power. In our grow boxes these are used for the extractor fan and possible irrigation systems.

Because after installing the timer box inside our cabinets  we need to pull the cable throug a cable entry the timer box is supplied without plug.


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions21 × 11 × 7 cm

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