Sana Preta living soil starter


Content: 5 liter
Approved for organic cultivation according to EC Organic Regulation No. 834/2007 & 889/2008

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Living soil mix

This living soil mix contains all the elements to start up a “living soil”. It is a mix of microorganisms, fungal spores and insects (eggs) that start up a biotope in the soil that feeds on nutrients released by the plant. In return, this soil life converts minerals and organic material into essential nutrients for the plant.
So there is no need to add nutrients to the irrigation water.


  1. Mix 1 bag of 5 liters of Sana Preta with 40 liters of Light mix soil.
  2. Fill the Living Soil pot45 pot with this.
  3. Water the soil. During cultivation, make sure that the soil never dries out completely.
  4. Cover the soil and leave it for a few days. Preferably in a cool dark place.
  5. Plant your cuttings or seedlings.
  6. Sow with cover crop.
  7. Cover the soil with  plant material.


Organic compost, worm manure, wood fiber, biochar, quartz sand, crushed stone, sulphur, horn shavings, algae, palmas, lava stone powder, bat guano, kelp, alfalfa, wine yeast, Alperujo, shrimp meal, Epsom salt, Karanja cake, endo/ectomycorrhiza, em, trichoderma and other microorganisms.

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