Kitchenfarm S


Size (h x b x d): 162 x 62.5 x 50cm
Material: PVC/XPS sandwich panel, Plastic connectors en aluminum profiles
Growing surface: 2 x eb & flow trays 0.27m2 = 0,54m2
Lights: 2 x VS06 40Watt led
Pump: RP 1400 liter/hour
Water tank: 24 liters with lid
Air pump: RP2 airset inc. airstones
Timerbox: Wifi Smartbox
Electricity consumption lights and  air pump (18 hours per cycle): 83 Watt
Electricity consumption pump ( 2 min/per cycle): 30 Watt
Water usage: 30 liters per week
Warranty: 1 year on technical installation



Compact grow box for microgreens and leafygreens

With the Kitchenfarm you can grow and harvest fresh sprouts, leafy greens, herbs and edible flowers every day and anywhere! Using and maintaining this grow box for microgreens is straightforward and will take no more than an hour per week of your time. The only things you need to operate the Kitchenfarm are water and electricity.
Not only provides the Kitchenfarm a continuous supply of fresh and sustainably grown produce, the plants developing in all their colors are a spectacle to behold. A true eye-catcher in a restaurant or canteen. In addition, growing in the Kitchenfarm is a very educational activity. This makes it very suitable for use during practical lessons at schools.
The Kitchenfarm S is the smaller version of the two options we have available. The growing surface of the Kitchenfarm S consists of 2 floors of 0,27m2 and can be expanded with a third floor.

Growing microgreens from seed to harvest is a very rapid process. Most varieties can be consumed after just a few days. They are cut just above the grow mat and used to garnish sandwiches or salads. It is impossible to get fresher than that! The grow containers with the microgreens can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week so that space is freed up in the Kitchenfarm for the subsequent cultivation round.
After being used, the grow mats can be thrown away or composted.
The list of microgreens that can be grown in the Kitchenfarm is unlimited. Varieties with which we have a lot of good experiences include; Pea, Sango, China Rose, Radish, Sunflower, Broccoli, Beet, Garlic, etc., etc.

Growing leafygreens and edible flowers takes a little longer, but once up and running, the plants can be harvested daily. Simply cut off the leaves and herbs required and within a few days, the plants will have grown back completely.
This way you have weeks of fresh greens, herbs and edible flowers that can’t be matched in freshness.

The list of leafygreens we have successfully grown so far include the following : Oxalis, Mint, Basil (Genovese and Dark Opal), Cavolo Nero, Sorrel, Arugula, Frisee, Wild Garlic, Fenugreek, Dill, Sage, Parsley, Nasturtiums, Coriander, Marigold, East Indian Cherry, etc., etc.

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Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions50 × 61,5 × 162 cm