Nursery 1m2


Size (h x w x d): 180 X 118 X 78cm
Grow surface 3 x 0,7m2
Space for: 12 x Eazy Plug cutting trays, 104 pieces or 12 grow containers 510 x 310mm
Material: Aluminum profiles, insert connectors, and PVC/XPS sandwich plates
Lighting: 6 x Sanlight Flex II 20 Watt
Ventilation: GT mini fan 185M3 per hour, including silencer.
Filter: Prima Klima K2600 240M3
Timer: G-tools WIFI Smartbox
Grow tray: 3 x eb & flow tray 110 x 63 x 4 cm
Water tank: 36 liter
Irrigation pump: RP 800
Cirkulation pump: RP800



Grow box for seeds, cuttings and microgreens

The Nursery 1m2 grow box for seeds has 3 floors with a total grow surface of ​​2 m2. Above each floor there are 2 powerful but very economical Sanlight Flex 20 Watt LED lamps. The lamps produce sufficient light in the correct spectrum for growing sprouts, microgreens or for rooting cuttings.
Using the cabinet is very simple. A WIFI Smartbox is installed in the top compartment of the cabinet. This distribution box has 4 sockets, 2 of which can be programmed via an app. These are for the LED grow lights and the pump of the irrigation system. Depending on the light and water needs of the plants you intend to grow, the number of lighting hours and watering moments can now be set via the app. The only thing that needs to be done besides sowing and harvesting is keeping the water tank of the irrigation system filled.

Growing seeds and cuttings

In the webshop you will find special trays with seed plugs. After being sown, these can be placed directly in the eb & flow trays under the LED lights. Besides growing plants from seeds, these plugs are also ideal for rooting cuttings. In this way, large quantities of plants can be produced for later cultivation in a vegetable garden, greenhouse or grow room.
You can also make a selection of the most beautiful plants. After you have repotted them, they can be grown in the Nursery 1m2. At this stage your plants will need nutrition, but this can easily be mixed with the water in the water tank. The supplied circulation pump will ensure that sufficient oxygen is mixed with the water and that the nutrients do not precipitate.

Growing sprouts and microgreens

The Nursery 1m2 is also very suitable for growing sprouts and microgreens. This works best on cellulose mats. Various sizes and corresponding grow containers are available in the webshop. The mats are placed in the grow trays and moistened with water. After this, the mats are sprinkled with a layer of sprouting seeds (arugula, alfalfa, radish, etc, etc.)
and placed in the eb & flow trays. The Nursery does the rest.

If desired, you can have your Nursery grow cabinet equipped with plexiglass doors.

Additional information

Weight85 kg
Dimensions118 × 78 × 180 cm