Aquamaster P110 PH-EC combi meter


Range PH: 0,00-14,00
Range EC: 0,00-19,99
Operating temperature: 0C – 50C
Power: DC 6V
Inc: 4 x 1,5V AG

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Aquamaster PH-EC combi meter

This PH-EC combi meter set allows you to do the most important measurements, PH and EC
The Aquamaster PH-EC combimeter is very simple to operate and maintain. With a button you switch between PH or EC measuring. The meter has a build in thermometer to compensate the PH measurements to the temperature of the water.
The temperature can also be read on the meters display. So it’s actualy also a thermometer, 3 in 1.

The Aquamaster combi meter has already been calibrated. By normal regular use it needs to be recalibrated 3 x per year. This can be easily done with the Aquamaster calibration liquids.
Cleaning and storing the meter is best done by poring some “storing liquid” inside the protective cap.

Over time the measurements will become less accurate. Instead of buying a whole new meter you just need to replace the electrode where the sensors are build in and your meter is as good as new again.

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Weight0,250 kg
Dimensions18 × 4 × 4 cm