Aquamaster PH EC combo meter P700 Pro2


Range PH: 0,00-14,00
Range EC: 0,00-19,99
Operating temperature: 0C – 50C
Inc: battery and charger



Aquamaster PH-EC combo meter P700 Pro2

This wall model PH-EC combo meter has two seperate elctrodes for measuring the PH and EC values of the nutrient solution. The PH level is the acidity degree. It decides to a large extend the absorbabilty of the nutrients by the plant. With the EC meter you can measure the amount of nutrients being dissolved in the water. It allows you to exactly dose the required nutrients. After all, when your plants grow bigger they will need more nutrition. The measurements are extremely accurate which will lead to healthier plants and bigger yields. Besides measuring PH and EC values the Aquamaster PH EC combo meter also measures temperature of the nutrient solution.

Simple to use and maintain

The Aquamaster PH EC combo meter has a rechargeable battery and charger. So no more need to change batteries. Using the meter is very simple. Just immerse both electrodes in the solution and the display will show the measured PH and EC values. After using the PH EC combo meter the electrodes should be rinsed. The electrodes are best stored by poring some storing liquid inside their protective covers. After a while the meter will become less accurate and needs to be calibrated. This is a very simple job. Just put the electrodes in special calibration liquids with a set EC or PH level. For calibration of the EC meter you need 1 calibration liquid. To calibrate the PH meter you need 2 calibration liquids, PH4 and PH7. By turning an adjusting screw you can calibrate the meter again and it will ready to use for the next months.

Permanent measuring

Both electrodes can be left inside the nutrient solution for continuous measuring. You will need to calibrate more often if you use the meter for continuous measuring .

Additional information

Weight0,250 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × 5 cm