Greenhouse Feeding Bio Bloom 125 gram


Content: 125 gram
N-P-K: 4-9-9

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Biological plant nutrient for the flowering stage.

All in oneĀ  nutrient with all the components your plants need during their flowering phase. This line of nutrients is especialy designed for plants growing in soil.
As the name “powder feeding” suggests this fertiliser is supplied in powder form. Most fertilisers are supplied in liquid form. This takes new dosing of the right amount of nutrients and adjusting PH- and EC values every time you water your plants.
What struck us most in the grow reports of customers was the simplicity of the use of Greenhouse Feeding. Just once at the beginning of a new grow cycle you mix the Bio Grow through the soil and after about then days of flowering you sprinkle a layer of Bio Bloom on top of the soil.
This explains the companies slogan,…..”keep it simple”.
The Greenhouse Feeding Bio line is registered at OMRI . This Canadian non profit organisation provides an independent review of products, such as fertilizers, that are intended for use in certified organic production and processing.
Therefore Bio Bloom contains only 100% biological components!

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