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Pro Organic Grow organic plant food

Used together, Pro Organic Grow and Pro Organic Bloom form a complete organic fertilizer suitable for use during every phase of plant life. When using these two bottles, no other supplements or boosters are needed.
Pro Organic is an organic fertilizer made by the French company Terra Aquatica (T.A.). Simply put, organic farming means that you feed the soil life in the soil instead of directly administering nutrients to your plant. The latter is how a mineral ferilizer works. Organic fertilizers feed the micro-organisms and fungi that live in your substrate. These, in turn, break down organic material and convert it into nutrients that are essential for the plant. This is how nature works too.

Most organic fertilizers are suitable for cultivation on soil only. The fungi and micro-organisms need a base from which they can grow and colonise and nourish the root system. This generally only happens in soil.
The special thing about the Pro Organic line is that it can be used on any medium. Rock wool, coco and even in recirculating hydroponics systems. In this case you will need a biofilter. This does not filter the water but provides the basis for the micro-organisms from where to multiply. From here, the roots of your plants will be colonised and fed. To “kickstart” the growth of these micro-organisms, Terra Aquatica has developed Trikologic.
William Texier, founder of Terra Aquatica, has called this method of hydroponics “bioponics” and explains all the ins and outs on his website.

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